We hacked your website

We hacked your website – hanoicnc.vn

Don’t worry if you fulfill our conditions – nothing terrible will happen.



What we managed to download from you

  • A database with your customers
  • Personal data of your employees
  • All your email correspondence
  • Access to bank accounts
  • Card data (number, date, cvv)
  • Access to your sites


Archive password: 1S2vCTyNVu








What you will receive after payment

  • We will delete all your data that we managed to download
  • We guarantee that we will not distribute, transfer or sell both data and passwords from your accounts, email correspondence, bank card data and the rest of the information that we managed to download
  • We will contact you within 24 hours after payment and tell you where the vulnerability was, how to fix it and prevent such hacks from happening again
  • Let’s restore everything as it was or give instructions on how to restore the site.

What happens if you don’t pay

  • We will publish all correspondence
  • We will publish or sell all your personal data and the data of your customers
  • We will publish all the private information that we managed to download from you
  • We will sell all your accounts and bank card details on the black market
  • More than 1 btc has been damaged






Payment details in BTC

Transfer to our BTC wallet


0.1 btc

If you do not have BTC, you can register on any exchange and transfer money from a bank card to a bitcoin wallet, and transfer it from it. You can also use exchangers that change any currency to BTC. This method is the easiest.

After payment, we will delete all data from our computers and write to you by email, tell you where the vulnerability was and how to prevent hacking anymore.